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Est. 2021 – Protector Cases Australia

We have been collecting die-cast cars since 1977, and to this day… continue to do so. We can distinctly remember the excitement and joy of opening our shiny new Hot Wheels®, and the endless amounts of hours creating race tracks on any flat surface possible.

The local slippery dip, dining room tables, kitchen benches, and mum’s freshly painted bedroom walls… and let’s not forget all the accompanying engine noises and humming of various sound effects, which add to the joy of playtime. Fast forward 40+ years later… not much has changed… (well maybe a little).

Protector Cases Australia was started by an enthusiast for enthusiasts, our mission is to source premium 1:64 scale products locally and from around the world. Start your collection today!

Diecast Vehicles 1:64

MiniGT, Kaido House, POP Race, CM Model, Hot Wheels Premiums, RLC (Red Line Club), Matchbox, Jada Toys - New and loose 1:64 diecast vehicles.

Premium Display Cases

Premium acrylic light box display cases with realistic background images. The ultimate way to protect and display your diecast collection.

Premium Protector Cases

Premium gauge plastic, durable, solid one piece hinged design, with incorporated corner safeguards - available from Hot Wheels® Mainline, Premiums and Redline Club (RLC).

Diorama Mats & Accessories

A premium collection of desktop diorama mats and accessories to enhance your displays, custom wheels to personalise and modify your 1:64 diecast vehicles.

Quality & Trusted Brands

we only stock & distribute the highest quality products